What is System Testing

Let’s see, What is System testing. System testing is the type of testing to check the behavior of a complete and fully integrated software product.


Usually, software is only one element of a larger computer based system. The software is interfaced with other software/hardware systems. System testing is actually a series of different tests whose sole purpose is to exercise the full computer based system.


What is System Testing

System testing is actually a series of different tests whose sole purpose is to exercise the full computer-based system”.


System testing falls under the black box testing category of software testing.

Unit Testing


Why system testing is important

1. In Software Development Life Cycle the System Testing is performed as the first level of testing where the System is tested as a whole.

2. In this step of the testing check if a system meets functional requirement or not.

3. System Testing enables you to test, validate and verify both the Application Architecture and Business requirements.

4. The application/System is tested in an environment that particularly resembles the effective production environment where the application/software will be lastly deployed.

Generally, a separate and dedicated team are responsible for system testing. And, System Testing is performed on the staging server which is similar to the production server. So this means you are testing software application as good as the production environment.


System Testing  includes tests based on risks, requirement specifications, business process, use cases, or other high-level descriptions of system behavior, interactions with the operating systems, and system resources.

In system testing, tester tests the system from functional and Non-functional prospective.


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