What is Selenium WebDriver

WebDriver is one of the most powerful and popular tools of Selenium toolkit. Webdriver can be used to automate web projects only. You can’t use selenium toolkit to automate the desktop application or middleware application testing.


Webdriver comes with many advantages over Selenium IDE and Selenium RC.

1. Selenium IDE – Selenium IDE is a firefox plug-in which deals with and playback mechanism. You can use it to create simple and plain HTML script.


2. Selenium RC – Selenium RC (Remote Control) was the automation testing tool before Selenium webdriver. Selenium RC allows any programming language to generate the automation scripts. It uses an engine to communicate with the browser, which is generated in Javascript.


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3. Selenium Webdriver  – Selenium web driver or Selenium 2 advent after selenium RC. In these days it the most popular and highly demanding automation tool.

Basically, Webdriver is an interface and it is designed to overcome the limitations of selenium RC. Webdriver is open source and free available testing tool which is used to test the web and mobile applications.


Selenium 2 supports most of all browsers to run your test cases and many programming languages like C#, Java, Python, Ruby, .Net, Perl, PHP, etc.. to create and modify your test scripts.

Difference between WebDriver and selenium RC


  1. Selenium WebDriver does not require selenium server to execute a test.
  2. WebDriver controls the browser from OS level.
  3. Webdriver is fast then RC because it communicates with browser directly.
  4. WebDriver interacts with page elements in a more realistic way.
  5. WebDriver supports the web as well mobile application testing so you can test mobile applications (iPhone or Android).


Selenium RC

  1. RC required selenium RC server for running test.
  2. Selenium RC is using JavaScripts to drive automation with the browser.
  3. Selenium RC supports only web application testing.
  4. RC doesn’t support of moving mouse cursors.
  5. RC is slow in execution as compared to Webdriver.


NoteBefore jump into Selenium Testing, user must have the knowledge of any programming language. It’s assumed that Java supports the Selenium well as compare to another language because Selenium core is in JavaScript.


So If you are not good in any programming language then it is recommended to have look at Core Java Tutorials first. We will use Java programming language to explain and design the examples, It is also recommended to have a look either JUnit Tutorial or TestNG testing frameworks Tutorial first before start selenium.


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