What is Portability Testing ?

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Portability testing is a process of testing with ease with which the software or component can be moved from one environment to another. It is measured in terms of the maximum amount of effort required to transfer from one system to another system.


The iterative and incremental development cycle implies that portability testing is regularly performed in an iterative and incremental manner.


Portability Testing Attributes

Following are the attributes of the portability testing :


Adaptability : Adaptability is the capability of the software product to be adapted to different specified environments without applying actions.


Installability : It’s conducted on the software used to install other software on its target environment.


Replaceability : Replaceability is the capability of the product to be used in place of another specified product for the same purpose in the same environment.


Co-existence : Co-existence is the software product’s capability to co-exists with other independent software products in common environments sharing common resources.


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