What is Localization Testing

Localization testing is part of software testing focused on internationalization and localization aspects of software.

Localization testing is testing process to validate whether the application is capable enough for use in a particular location or country.


In this testing localization, testing is to carry out to check the quality of the product for particular locale/culture.  To check the quality of translation in localization testing, we should request local staff as well. It is to be carried out to check the localized version of the product.


Localization testing contains the translation of the application user interface and adapting graphics for a particular culture/locale. The localization process can also include translating any help content associated with the application program into the native language.


1. If the project is designed for Tamil Nadu State in India, The designed project should be in Tamil language, tamil virtual keyboard should be present, etc.

2. If the project is designed for the USA, then the time format should be changed according to the USA Standard time. Also language and money format should follow USA standards.

Things which are often altered during localization, such as the user interfaces and content files. Below is a sample localization testing checklist:


  • Spelling Rules

  • Sorting Rules

  • Upper and Lower case conversions

  • Printers

  • Size of Papers

  • Operating System

  • Keyboards

  • Text Filters

  • Hotkeys

  • Mouse hover

  • Date formats

  • Measurements and Rulers

  • Available memory


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