What is Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing is a testing approach that allows the tester to apply their ability and skill as a tester in a powerful way. Testers have to understand the application first by exploring the application and based on this understanding they should come up with the test scenarios. After that start actual testing of the application.


Under scripted testing, you design test cases first and later proceed with test execution. On the contrary, exploratory testing is the simultaneous process of test design and test execution all done at the same time.


Key factors about Exploratory Testing

  • Preparation of test scenarios validates the software stability.

  • Exhaustively testing of the software based on the identified requirements.

  • Find out the requirements as well as the functionality of the software application.

  • Find out the limitation of the software application. Identify the scope of the project.



During exploratory execution, following needs to be done:

  • Keep notes on what needs to be tested, why it needs to be tested and the assessment of the product quality.
  • Tracking of questions and issues raised during exploratory testing.
  • Better to pair up the testers for effective testing.
  • It is very important to take the document and monitor the following.


It is very important to take document and monitor the following

  • Test Coverage – Whether we have taken notes on the coverage of test cases and improve the quality of the software
  • Risks – Which risks need to be covered and which are all important ones?
  • Test Execution Log – Recordings on the test execution
  • Issues / Queries – Take notes on the question and issues on the system
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