Walkthrough in Software Testing

A walkthrough is conducted by the author of the document. Author guide the participants through the document according to his or her thought process to achieve a common understanding and to gather feedback.


The content of the document is explained step by step by the author, to reach consensus on changes or to gather information.

The participants are selected from different departments and backgrounds If the audience represents a broad section of skills and disciplines, it can give assurance that no major defects are ‘missed’ in the walk-through.

A walkthrough is especially useful for higher-level documents, such as requirement specifications and architectural documents.


The specific goals of a walkthrough are:-
• To present the document to stakeholders both within and outside the software discipline, in order to gather information regarding the topic under documentation.
• To explain and evaluate the contents of the document.
• To establish a common understanding of the document.
• To examine and discuss the validity of proposed solutions and the possible alternatives.



1.) It’s a type of Semi Formal Review.
2.) 2 to 7 People ate attaining it.
3.) The author is Presenter.
4.) Lead by Author only.
5.) Reviewers are not aware of the subject/topic.
6.) Other people are Inspectors or Reviewers.

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