UI Automator in Appium

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Let’s see the use of UI Automator in Appium. In the previous APPIUM tutorials, You have seen, How can you set up the APPIUM and launch the Apps using APPIUM.


In this tutorial, You will see the concept of APPIUM and use of APPIUM. UI Automator is used to finding the path of App Elements.


UI Automator in Appium

It basically used to find the elements path in Android app like you have used FireBug to find the path of WebElements, Same UI Automator tells us the path of Andriod App elements.


How to Open UI Automator

It’s very simple to open the UI Automator. To open the UI Automator. First, you need to go to where your Andriod SDK manager is installed. Now go to ‘Tools’ and find the .bat file named ‘uiautomatorviewer’ and click it.


In my system location is – D:\Softtware\android-sdk\tools\uiautomatorviewer.bat

Click this bat file, A new window will open on your machine. It’s very important to know, How to launch the UI Automator.

UI Automator is used with Andriod and iOS apps as well. UI Automator screen will look like below attached screen.

Launch UIAutomator


This is the screen of UI Automator, using this screen you can find the location of app Elements.

UI Automator is very helpful for Andriod and iOS applications, Using UI Automator you can find the path of elements of Andriod and iOS applications.


In the next tutorial, You will see, How can you find the elements of Andriod App.

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