TestNG Framework in Selenium

Let’s learn about TestNG Testing Framework, TestNG Framework is an open source automation testing framework, It’s designed to simplify a broad range of testing needs, from unit testing to integration testing. TestNG means Test Next Generation. It has a lot of advantage over JUnit Testing Framework.

It is designed to be better than JUnit, especially when testing integrated classes.


TestNG provides a lot of advantage over Junit like parallel execution, Test Dependencies, Set Execution Order, Divide the tests into groups like smoke, sanity, regression and execute the group tests only. The best feature of TestNG over JUnit is TestNG report. TestNG generates the HTML report for Test Execution.

TestNG Introduction Video Tutorial:

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Write test case using TestNG


Test case writing from TestNG include following steps-

  1. Write the Business Logic of Test
  2. Insert TestNG annotations in your Test
  3. Modify TestNG.XML file. Add your Test information like – groups, classes, methods
  4. Execute TestNG

The advantage of TestNG:


There are many advantages of using TestNG with selenium or using as the testing framework.

  1. In TestNG Parallel Testing is possible
  2. Test Grouping is possible
  3. You can Set the Execution Order
  4. TestNG comes with nice Reporting features
  5. Test Parameterization is easy.


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