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TestNG Listeners Annotation

Let’s learn about TestNG Listeners. What are these listeners? What does TestNG stand to offer to us with them? This question is something that someone seemed to have.   Listeners are used to generating logs. Listeners implement the interface “org.testng.ITestListener“. There are methods which give you a real time information. Listeners provide us the flexibility to change … Continue reading TestNG Listeners Annotation

ReportNG with TestNG

We will see, How can we integrate the ReportNG with TestNG. As we have seen TestNG has very nice HTML reporting features. We have seen, how do we get the HTML report in test-output directory. TestNG generates the default report in test-output directory. To see the TestNG HTML report after test execution, you need to refresh your … Continue reading ReportNG with TestNG

Run Test in TestNG

You will see, How can you Run Test in TestNG. TestNG is Next Generation testing framework. As we have seen TestNG have many advantages over JUnit Framework. It’s not mandatory to use JUnit with selenium to design the Automation Scripts. You can use TestNG as well. In these days TestNG + Webdriver is a famous … Continue reading Run Test in TestNG

TestNG Framework in Selenium

Let’s learn about TestNG Testing Framework, TestNG Framework is an open source automation testing framework, It’s designed to simplify a broad range of testing needs, from unit testing to integration testing. TestNG means Test Next Generation. It has a lot of advantage over JUnit Testing Framework. It is designed to be better than JUnit, especially when … Continue reading TestNG Framework in Selenium

Install TestNG in Eclipse

In order to compile, run and execute the Unit, Integration Test cases using TestNG in eclipse, first you need to configure TestNG in your eclipse IDE. As a prerequisite, you must have installed at least Java JDK 6 (Download Java from here!).         TestNG  Installation Video Tutorial: If you liked this video, then please subscribe … Continue reading Install TestNG in Eclipse