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Create Test Case using Selenium

Here, We are going to understand, How can we create the automation Test case using selenium. We are going to create our first Automation Test Script using Selenium WebDriver.   As you know Selenium is an Automation Testing Tool. We can use Selenium standalone to create the Testcase using java class but it’s not worth to … Continue reading Create Test Case using Selenium

Run Webdriver in Chrome and IE Browser

Let’s see, How can you Run Webdriver in Chrome and IE Browser. Normally, To execute Selenium scripts we need, selenium automation script, browser and selenium server jar files. By default selenium, web driver supports Firefox browser.   Run Webdriver in Chrome and IE Browser To execute selenium code with other browsers we need to configure these … Continue reading Run Webdriver in Chrome and IE Browser

Architecture of Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Webdriver is the web application automation testing tool. Selenium webdriver architecture is different from selenium RC.   Unlike Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver directly speaks with browsers by using browsers native support. It is, in fact, easy than the Selenium RC. Once you start using webdriver,  You just need to set Selenium in your project, after successful … Continue reading Architecture of Selenium WebDriver

Configure Selenium in Eclipse IDE

Let’s see, How can you configure Selenium in Eclipse IDE. It’s easy to download and configure the Selenium WebDriven in Eclipse. As a prerequisite, you must have installed at least Java JDK 6 (Download Java from here!).   Configure Selenium in Eclipse There are few standard steps to set up the Selenium Webdriver in Eclipse. Please follow the … Continue reading Configure Selenium in Eclipse IDE

What is Selenium WebDriver

WebDriver is one of the most powerful and popular tools of Selenium toolkit. Webdriver can be used to automate web projects only. You can’t use selenium toolkit to automate the desktop application or middleware application testing.   Webdriver comes with many advantages over Selenium IDE and Selenium RC. 1. Selenium IDE – Selenium IDE is a firefox plug-in … Continue reading What is Selenium WebDriver