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Continuous Integration using Jenkin

Now the first question is, What is Continuous Integration? Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times. Basically, CI is a process in which all development work is integrated and the resulting work is automatically tested and built. The idea behind CI is that development errors are … Continue reading Continuous Integration using Jenkin

Select statement Testing in Selenium

Let’s see, How can you perform Select Statement testing in Selenium. In previous tutorials, We have seen, How can we establish the DB connection and fire query using Java Application. In this tutorial, We will see how can we verify the DB using assertion in TestNG/JUnit.   Suppose we have a scenario, We are going … Continue reading Select statement Testing in Selenium

JDBC Prepared Statement

Let’s learn JDBC Prepared statement in Java. PreparedStatement interface is a subinterface of Statement. PreparedStatement is used to execute parameterized query. It Improves the system performance because if you are using PreparedStatement interface because the query is compiled only once.   We will discuss this and other JDBC details in JDBC Tutorials. For now, Let’s see … Continue reading JDBC Prepared Statement