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Install Android SDK on Windows

Let’s see, How can you Install Andriod SDK on Windows? Android is an OS for mobile devices developed by Google, which is built upon Linux kernel.  The Android Software Developer Kit, simply named as Android SDK.   Android SDK is software development kit which enables you to create applications for Android platform. For example, if you want to create the app … Continue reading Install Android SDK on Windows

Selendroid vs Appium

Let’s see, Selandroid vs Appium. Now you will see, What is the difference in Selendroid and Appium and Which tool is better for mobile automation Testing.   Selendroid or “Selenium for Android” is a test automation framework which is used ONLY for Android apps. On the other hand, Selendroid needs the APK file of the … Continue reading Selendroid vs Appium

What is APPIUM

Let’s learn about the Mobile Testing using Appium. Let’s see, What is Appium, Use of Appium, Application of Appium, the advantage of Appium. What is Mobile Automation? Android &  iOS are the most popular mobile OS in these days. Millions of app designed for mobile platforms that need to be tested.   There are broadly … Continue reading What is APPIUM