Static Method in Java

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Let’s see, What is static Method in Java. You can use the static keyword before method name to make the method static. Some facts about static methods-

  • Static Method belongs to the class and not to the object(Instance of the class).
  • The static method can access only static data. It can’t access non-static data of the class.
  • The static method can call only other static methods and can’t call a non-static method from it.
  • Static method can be accessed directly by the class name and doesn’t need any object (using class name.MethodName)
  • A static method cannot refer to “this” or “super” keywords in any way.



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Execution Order of Static Methods:

  • Static methods are executed in the order of they are called, not in the order of they are defined in the class.
  • All static methods are executed in java stack area by creating separate stack frame (Will discuss this later).
  • When a method is called from main() method, JVM creates stack frame in main() thread for that method execution.
  • The stack frame is destroyed immediately after method execution is completed.


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