Start Appium Server

In previous tutorials, You have set up the Appium and Appium Project.

Now you will see how you can execute or Run the Appium script.


To Execute, the Appium Script to Appium Test, First you need to start the Appium Server. In this tutorial you will see, How can you start the Appium Server from Desktop icon and from the console as well.


Start Appium Server

You have seen how can you install the Appium on your local machine.


I am expecting, You have installed Appium on your machine and you have the Appium Icon on your Desktop or launch icon in your start menu. Now click on this Icon. Appium console will open in new window like below attached –

Start Appium Server


Now, Click on Android icon to open the configuration of the Appium run. There you need to select the check box of ‘No Reset‘. This will ensure that the Appium will not install or uninstall App on every run.

Start Appium Server


Click on “General Setting” icon (Next to Android icon) and make sure that Server Address and Port is populated. Appium by default run on Port 4723 .

Start Appium Server


Now, start the Appium server. Click on the Launch Appium Node Server button on the top right corner of Appium window and wait for few seconds. Appium server started and running on your system.

Start Appium Server


Done, You have successfully launched the Appium Server on your machine. Now you can execute the Appium Test Scripts.


Start Appium using Console

Although you have seen, How can you start the Appium Server from UI. But it’s good to know how can you start the Appium from Console or Command Prompt because on Linux terminal or server you need to start appium from a console.


To start Appium from your local you need to follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • Open the Command Prompt.

  • Go to Directory, where you have Installed Appium. (In my case it’s Program Files(*86))

  • Inside Appium Directory, You will find the node_Modules go into it. Now go into Appium directory and inside Appium goes to the bin directory. Now copy this path and go to this path on terminal or console.
    Like for me it’s – C:\Program Files (x86)\Appium\node_modules\appium\bin

  • Now run command node Appium . After this Appium server will start on a command prompt.

Start Appium from Console


You can see, Appium has started successfully. You will get the same logs on the console. To stop appium server you just need to fire press ctrl+C from keyboard.


Suppose you would like to start the Appium Server in No Rest mode from command prompt then you need to run the command – node appium –no-reset


For more commands, you can visit this Appium Document.

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