Start Appium Server Programmatically

Let’s see, How can you Start Appium Server Programmatically. You will see how can you start and stop the Appium server programmatically. You can use the start method in @BeforeSuite annotation and stop in the @AfterSuite annotation to execute your Appium suites on Server side.


Start Stop Appium Server Programmatically

We are going to implement the script from Start / Stop Appium. Using StartAppium() method we will start the Appium Server and be using StopAppium() method, we will stop the Appium Server.

 NodeAppium and related configuration should be installed on your machine.

In above example, We have implemented the logic to Start / Stop Appium Server programmatically.


In the above test script, we have created appiumStart() and appiumStop() methods, which are responsible for starting and stopping Appium server .


We have set few command line arguments and executed them to start and stop Appium server.

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