Why Software Testing is Important

Let’s understand, Why Software Testing is Important. Software Testing is necessary to produce the defect free and quality product. we do mistakes, some are unimportant, but some of them are expensive or dangerous. We need to check everything and anything we produce because humans make mistakes all the time.


There are many reasons which clearly tells us as of why Software  Testing is important and what are the major things that we should consider while testing of any product or software application.


Why Software Testing is Important

Software testing is important because of the below-mentioned reasons-

  1. To discover the developmental defects. To find out the error that was made during the development phase.

  2. To avoid the user detecting problems. To avoid the bugs that end user may experience.

  3. Software Testing is necessary to ensure the quality of the Product. To make sure the reliability of the Software product.

  4. To deliver the quality product to customer to gain the customer confidence.

  5. Testing is required for the markable performance and accessibility of the Software product.

  6. Testing is necessary to avoid being sued by the customer.

  7. It’s important to ensure that the application should not result in any failures because it can be very expensive in the future or in the later stages of the development.

  8. Testing is required to get the defects in the earlier phase of the development to minimize the defect fixing cost.

  9. To make sure the product is fulfilling all business requirements and working as customer expected.

  10. Software Testing is required to stay in the business.


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