Set Up Appium Project in Eclipse

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Let’s see, How can you SetUp Appium Project in Selenium. In previous Tutorials, You have seen, How to Setup & Install Appium.

In this tutorial we will discuss, how can you set the Apium Project in your Eclipse IDE.


To set up and execute the Appium Script, we need to add some external Jar files in our Project.

  • Selenium Jars

  • Java Client Jars


To set up and start the Appium project You need to follow the communicates steps –


Create New Project in Eclipse

  • Open Eclipse and go to File -> New -> Java Project.

  • Enter the Project Name and click on “Next” button.

Download and Add Selenium Jar File

As we have discussed in Previous Appium Tutorials. Appium communicates with the Selenium to execute the Scripts. So add Selenium in the Project is a must.

You have seen in the Selenium Tutorials, How can you configure Selenium in the Project.


Download and Add Java Client in Project

To execute the Appium scripts, we also need to configure the Java Client jar with our project.


Why you need Java Client?

You are using Java as the programming language that’s why you need to add the Java client jar. If you are using Python then you need to use Python client, if C# then C# client and so on.


To Download and configure the Java Client, You need to follow the  below-mentioned steps –

SetUp Appium


  • Now click on “Java” link to download the Java client jar.

SetUp Appium


  • Now click on “Jar” link to download the Java client jar.

SetUp Appium


  • This will download the Java-client.jar file directly on your machine.
    NoteIf you have installed winRaR on your machine then please remove it before download this Jar file.

  • Now open your Project and add this Java-client.jar file in your project as External Jar.
    Right Click Project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> Libraries -> Add External Jar -> Provide the path of Java Client jar file.

SetUp Appium


You have added the Selenium Jars and Java Client Jar, Now finally your Appium Set up is complete.

Now we will see how can we create and Run the Script.

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