Select Automation Testing Tool

Let’s see, What should be the Parameter or what should you need to consider when Select Automation Testing tool. Testing is a critical part of the software development process. There are a lot of different Automation software testing tools currently in the market.

Some of these tools are only able to perform specific kinds of testing and only work with specific languages, like, for example, Java application unit testing. Other products support a wide range of applications and offer more features and functionality.


When you start your search for the right automated software testing tool, it’s important to create a list of requirements to review when choosing a tool for evaluation. If you don’t have a list of requirements, you may waste time downloading, installing and evaluating tools that only meet some of your requirements, or may not meet any of them.


Creating a list of requirements is not easy since you have to take all of your testing needs into account. A list of requirements, which is described below.

Of course, the list does not include every situation, but this list is a good start. You can modify and add to it to get a list that reflects the specifics of your software testing environment.


  • Support for Various Applications and Platforms
  • Support for Various Operating Systems
  • Support for Various Software Testing Types
  • Creating Tests Without Programming
  • Scripting
  • Recording Automated Software Tests
  • Creating Tests that are Resistant to Changes
  • Support for Controls and Objects
  • Support for Various Test Data Sources
  • Running Software Tests and Synchronization
  • Automatically Compare Results of Test Actions
  • Logging Software Test Results
  • Exporting Reports
  • Additional Needed Automated Testing Tool Features
  • Testing Multilanguage Applications
  • Automated Testing tool: Support for Team Work
  • Integration with Team Systems and Build Software
  • Technical Support
  • Pricing Policy
  • Free Trial Versions


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