What are Roles and Responsibilities of Test Lead

Let’s learn, What are Roles and Responsibilities of Test Lead. Effective software test leaders not only understand the discipline of testing, but they are also able to manage and implement a testing process in their organizations.

That requires team leading skills, communication skills, and being able to measure the testing team’s return on investment.

Test leaders need to be involved in the test planning, test monitoring and test control of the testing activities and tasks.


Following are the Roles and Responsibilities of Test Lead-

  • Understand the testing effort by analyzing the requirements of the project.

  • Estimate and obtain management support for the time, resources and budget required to perform the testing.

  • Organize the testing kick-off meeting.

  • Define the Test Strategy.

  • Build a testing team of professionals with appropriate skills, attitudes, and motivation.

  • Develop the test plan for the tasks, dependencies, and participants required to mitigate the risks to system quality and obtain stakeholder support for this plan.

  • Assign task to all Testing Team members and ensure that all of them have sufficient work in the project.

  • Keep track of the new requirements/change in requirements of the Project.

  • Escalate the issues about project requirements (Software, Hardware, Resources) to Project Manager / Sr. Test Manager.

  • Organize the status meetings and send the Status Report (Daily, Weekly etc.) to the Client

  • Attend the regular client call and discuss the weekly status with the client.

  • Communication with the Client (If required).

  • Act as the single point of contact between Development and Testers.

  • Track and prepare the report of testing activities like test testing results, test case coverage, required resources, defects discovered and their status, performance baselines etc.

  • Review various reports prepared by Test engineers.

  • Ensure the timely delivery of different testing milestones.

  • Prepares/updates the metrics dashboard at the end of a phase or at the completion of the project.


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