Role of Test Engineer

Let’s learn, What is the Role of Test Engineer. Testing plays a significant role in the development of new software and systems.

Testing Engineers work closely with software developers and program managers to find out and remove bugs/defects in the product and improve the quality of the finished product. There’s a common saying in the IT industry that behind every successful software is a careful Testing Engineer.

Thus having the right candidate as a Testing Engineer is vital to the success of the product.


Following are the Role of Test Engineer

  • Analyzing the Project Requirements from the client, project documents
    (i.e. SRS, FRS, UseCases, Screens etc)

  • Participating in Test Plan activity.

  • Preparing Test Scenarios or breakdown structure of the software components.

  • Preparing Test Cases for the individual component, integration, and system testing.

  • Preparing Test Data’s for the test cases.

  • Preparing Test Environment to execute the test cases.

  • Review the Test Cases prepared by other team members.

  • Executing the Testing cycles.

  • Defect logging and Tracking.

  • Giving mandatory information of a defect to developers in order to fix it.

  • Preparing Lesson Learnt documents from the previous project testing experience.

  • Preparing Suggestion Documents to improve the quality of the application.

  • Communication with the Test Lead / Test Manager.

  • Conducting Review Meetings within the Team.

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