Launch Native App in Appium

Let’s See, How can you launch Native App in Appium. In the last tutorial, You have seen, How can you launch the Hybrid app on Andriod Device using Appium.

You will see, How can you launch the Native App in Appium.


What is Native App?

native application (native app) is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device. Because native apps are written for a specific platform, they can interact with and take advantage of operating system features and other software that is typically installed on that platform.

In your phone, Clock, Calendar, Camera, Calculator, Gallery etc they all are Native Apps.


Launch Native App in Appium

I believe you have gone through the previous Appium Tutorials.

We are taking the example of Google Maps and Calculator. Google Map is also the native app, the apps which come pre-installed on your device and you can’t uninstall these also come in Native Apps category.


Let’s see the code to invoke the Google Maps apps.

So using this way, We can invoke the Native application. In the case of Native Application, We need to provide the appPackage and appActivity. We can’t invoke the native application with the concept of APK file path.


You can also run the above code for the calculator. For this, you need to change the value of appActivity and appPackage. Please note the below-mentioned appPackage and appActivity for calculator –

capabilities.setCapability(“appPackage”, “”);

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