Internal Working of Java Program

Let’s learn about the Internal Working of Java Program, To run your java application/program, you have to compile it first. Compiler verifies the syntax of your program and allows to run once successful. If your program has any syntax error then compiler through an error in the program where the error exists.

During the compilation, the compiler converts your program file into bytecode. After compile program successfully JVM runs the program.


How JVM Execute the Program –

At run time below mentioned steps are executed.

JVM Internal Working

Classloader – In a JVM, each and every class is loaded by some instance of a java.lang.ClassLoader. The ClassLoader class is located in thejava.lang package.

It is the subsystem of JVM that is solely used to load the class files.

Bytecode Verifier – Bytecode verifier verifies the code fragments for illegal code that can violate access right to objects.

Interpreter – The role of interpreter to read bytecode stream and execute the instructions.


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