Install MySQL Database

In DB Testing tutorials we will see, How we can test the DB using selenium.

To start DB testing using DB First we need to connect with Database. To continue first You need to install the MySQL database onto your machine.


Now let’s see, How can we download and Install the MySQL on your machine.


Install MySQL DB

You need to download the My SQL first. To download MySql, Click here! (Download MySQL)

On this page Click on MSI Installer.

Install MySQL DB


After complete the download. Click on the downloaded .exe file. It will render you on the installation screen.

  1. Here, Accept the License Agreement.

  2. Choosing the setup type “Chose Full“.

  3. Click on ‘Execute‘ button.

Install MYSQL DB


Here, It will first download all the utilities, Later on, install them automatically. After installation status of all the utilities became ‘Complete’.


Now follow the instruction and click on Next – Next button until you get the ‘Accounts & Roles‘ . Here provide your MySql login password (any desired password).

Now click on ‘Next’. On ‘Apply Server Config.’ click on ‘Execute’ after completing the process click on ‘Finish’ button.


Congratulation, you have installed the MySQL successfully.


To confirm the installation. Go to your C drive, Open program files. Here you will find the Directory named ‘MYSQL’.


Add MySQL command to the Windows PATH Variable

Adding MySQL to the Windows PATH variable will allow you run various commands from the console, and allow 3rd party applications to execute various MySQL commands.

  • Click the Start.
  • Right, click on the computer menu/button Computer.
  • Select the Properties menu option.
  • On the dialog that opens, select Advanced system settings.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Click the Environment Variables button.
  • Select the Path variable in the table, then press the Edit button.
  • Append the path to your MySQL Server bin directory (make sure to add a semi-colon after any existing items in the path before appending the new path). The default path for a 64bit installation is “C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin


To confirm the process, Open the command prompt and fire the command

MySQL -u root -p

Install MySQL DB


If it will ask for password then you have done a great job. Enter your password (What you inserted during installation) and press Enter Key.


Congratulation, you have installed and opened the MySQL console successfully.

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