Install GIT on Windows

Let’see, How can you Install GIT on Windows. Now the first question is, What is GIT?

GIT is a version control system. Version control system is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later.


Version Control System(VCS) allows you to revert files back to a previous state, revert the entire project back to a previous state, compare changes over time, see who last modified something that might be causing a problem, who introduced an issue and when, and much more.


There a lot of benefits of using VCS, GIT is a VCS system. We will learn about VCS systems in details in GIT Tutorials. Now let’s talk about GIT.

GIT is basically most popular Distributed Version Control in these days. Now let’s see how can we Install GIT in our local system.


You can download the GIT from here! On this page, you will get the options to choose your OS. Here, Click on the OS, What you are using currently. I am using windows so I will click on windows. After click on the desired OS, GIT will start an auto download on your machine.

Install Git


As I am using windows, So I have downloaded .exe file. Now, what do I need to do?

  1. Click on the downloaded exe file.

  2.  Accept agreement.

  3. Chose the location, Where do you want to install the GIT.

  4. Follow the install instruction, On ‘Choosing the SSH executable’ click the ‘Use OpenSSH’ option.

  5. Follow the system instructions, Until installation process start.


After successful installation, you will get the GIT menu in your start menu list. In next tutorial we will see, How can we configure the GIT with GitHub and other servers.

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