How to Install AutoIt in Windows

We use AutoIt with Selenium WebDriver to Upload the File. Before using AutoIt with Selenium Scripts, You need to install AutoIt on your machine first.


To install AutoIt first, download the AutoIt .exe file from the below location. Download AutoIt

AutoIt  is a freeware tool, Which is used to automate the Windows GUI. Let’s see how can you install AutoIt in your windows machine-


1. Click on ‘Download AutoIt‘ at AutoIt Full Installation. It will start download the AutoIt exe file.

Download AutoIt

2. Click on AutoIt.exe file to start the Installation.

3. It will display the setup wizard screen and asks you to click on Next button. Click on Next button to proceed with the installation.

4. It will display License Agreement screen. Click on ‘I Agree‘ Button to accept the terms of the agreement if you want to continue the installation.

5. If you are running on 64-bit Operating system, it will ask you to choose from the below two options.

A. Use native x64 tools by default
B. Use x86 tools by default (recommended for compatibility)

Choose the recommended option and click on ‘Next‘ button.

install autoit


6. Now once again, It will Ask to select the option for  *.au3 files. It will display with two options

A. Run the Script
B. Edit the Script

Choose which ever you are comfortable with and click on ‘Next‘ button.

7. Next, it will Ask you to choose what type of installation you want. Choose all and click on ‘Next‘ button.

8. Next, It will ask you to choose the location to install AutoIt. By default, it will take the destination folder as Program files. If you wish to change, you can change the destination folder.

Click on ‘Install‘ button to complete the installation

9. It will display a message as, ‘Please wait.. installation is in progress‘.
After that, it will display the message as “AutoIt vX.00 has been installed successfully on your computer”.

10. Next, Click on ‘Finish‘ button to finish the installation.


After installing successfully, please go the folder where the AutoIt is installed. In that folder, you can see the folder as ‘Examples’ where you can find many examples which will actually help you in understanding autoIt scripts.

In my case, the location is – C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Examples


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