Features of Advanced Java

Let’s learn about the features of Advance Java, Java programming language is very rich in features as compared to other programming languages. Java is –

1. Simple – Java is easy to learn for programmers as its syntax is similar to C++. Much confusing and rarely used features of C++(pointer, operator overloading etc) are not included in Java.


2. Object Oriented – In java, everything is Object which has some data and behavior. Java can be easily extended as it is based on Object Model.


3. Portable – Java Bytecode can be carried to any platform. No implementation dependent features.


4. Platform Independent – Java is platform independent, Java works on the concept Write once Run anywhere i.e you need to write the code once and it can be run on any platform. Java code can be run on multiple platforms e.g. Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac/OS etc.

Work of Java


once you save the java code it saves with the extension .java (it’s a human readable file) once you compile your Java program compiler converts the Java code into bytecode and save the file with .class extension(which in machine readable only).

This bytecode is platform independent because this bytecode understand and run by the JVM only and when JVM run it communicate to the JRE, not to OS. So in this way Java is the platform Independent programming language.


5. Secure – Java program always runs in Java runtime environment with almost null interaction with system OS, hence it is more secure. In this way, Java doesn’t create any explicit pointer and run inside virtual sandbox machine, So java is secure language.


6. Architecture-neutral – Compiler generates bytecodes, which has nothing to do with a particular computer architecture, hence a Java program is easy to interpret on any machine.


7. Multi-Threaded – A thread is a separate program, execute concurrently. We can write Java programs that deal with many tasks at once by defining multiple threads. A benefit of multithreading is that it utilizes same memory and other resources to execute multiple threads at the same time, like While typing, grammatical errors are checked along.


8. Portable – Java Bytecode can be carried to any platform. No implementation dependent features.


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