Enable USB Debugging on Android

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Let’s see, How can you Enable USB Debugging on Android Device. In this tutorial, You will learn how can you Enable the Debugging level of your phone.

To start the Mobile Automation, It’s important to make your device debugging setting correct.

To get your phone detected on DDMS in your machine, First thing you need to do is Enable debug level mode on your device.


Enable USB Debugging on Android

To enable the Debug level mode, first, you need to enable the developer Options on your device.

Enable Developer Options on Android

To enable the Developer Options on your phone, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps –

1. You need to Open your Device.

2. Go to the settings in the Device, Scroll down to the bottom.

3. It happen that “Developer Options” is available above the “About Phone” or it may not be available. In case if Developer Options in not available then follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • Click on the About Phone and scroll down to the bottom.
  • In the bottom, you will get the Option “Build Number“. Tap this option seven times to enable the Developer options.

4. Now go back to setting and you will find the option “Developer Options” above the “About Phone”.
Enable Developer Options                                   Enable Developer Options

5. Now you are getting Developer Options in your Setting list menu.

6. Now tap on “Developer Options” and you will find the option “USB debugging”.

7. Make sure USB Debugging is switching on. Switch on means in many devices it may be check-box and it may be the On-Off tab in new devices like Nexus. So it may be enable

8. Done, You have done the all necessary changes on your device. Now you are ready to connect your phone with your device.

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