Drag and Drop in Selenium

Let’s see, How can you perform Drag and Drop in Selenium. Many times, We have the web application where we need to drag an item from one location to another location. To handle this kind of actions we need Action class in selenium.


We can perform this Drop & Drag using Action class in Selenium. These all are the advanced concepts in Web Development. We can’t handle these using basic Selenium commands that’ why we need to implement Selenium’s Actions Class to handle this kind of functionalities.


We will see how we can manage the Drop and Drag using Selenium Webdriver.


Video Tutorial:

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We can perform drop & drag using two ways. Let’s see both of the ways using the simple example. We are explaining both of the ways in two Test methods.

Drag & Drop in Selenium



Above both methods will perform the same action. They Drag the Element 1 and drop it into element 2.


We have seen the use of all the methods what we have discussed in the previous tutorial.

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