Download and Install Jenkins

Jenkins is available for all major OS available in the market. As we are using the windows machine, So we will see, How can we download and install the Jenkins.

It’s an easy process to download and install the process. Let’s see step by step installation process.


To install Jenkins, First, you need to download the Jenkins.war file. (Download from here!)

To download the Jenkins .war file. You just need to click on latest .war file link( Present in the right top position on the page inside the Release column).


How to Install Jenkins

We will install the Jenkins using ‘Windows Installer‘.


1. To install the Jenkins, First, we need to start it using this war file.

2. Now copy the path, Where you kept your ‘Jenkins.war file’ and open the cmd and paste it and go to that particular path.

3. Now start Jenkins using this war file using the command – “java -jar Jenkins.war“.

This will take some time. Please wait until you get the message in console – ‘INFO: Jenkins is fully up and running

NoteHere may be possible you will get the error like ‘@ Address already in use: bind‘. don’t worry, you are getting the above error because your port 8080 is busy by some other services. To  resolve this issue, open the another command prompt and fire command ‘netstat -ano | find “8080” ‘ .

This will give you the processes which are using the port 8080. like –
TCP               LISTENING       2368
Here this 2368 is the process Id of the process. To start Jenkins, we need to kill these processes first.

Open your task manager using CTRL+ALT+DELETE . Click on “Processes” tab. Enable “PID” column by going to: View > Select Columns > Check the box for PID. Find the PID of interest and “END PROCESS”.
Now back to the first command prompt and rerun the command.


4. Now open your browser and run the run ‘http://localhost:8080/‘. You will get the below-mentioned window.

Install Jenkins

5. Now click on the Link ‘Manage Jenkins‘.

6. Now find the Link ‘Install as Windows Service’ and click on it.

Install Jenkins


7. Choose the installation Directory and Click on the button ‘Install‘. This directory  will become JENKINS_HOME and used to store data files and programs alike.

8. Upon successful completion of the installation, you should see a page asking you to restart Jenkins. Click on ‘Yes’ button and wait until Jenkins restart itself.


Congratulation, You have installed ‘Jenkins’successfully on your windows machine.


Now jenkin.exe will run every time, you will restart your system. In coming tutorials, we will see, how we can configure the Project in Jenkins.

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