Download and Install Appium

Let’s see, How can you Download and Install Appium. Till now, You have installed all support applications which are required for Mobile Automation setup using Appium.

Now you are going to learn, How can you Download, Install and Run the Appium on your local machine.


To start the Mobile Automation using Appium, First you need to install the Appium on your Local Machine. Follow the below-mentioned steps to find how can you install the Appium –

  • Visit the Appium Official website –
  • Click on the “Download Appium” button, Present on the Home page.

Install Appium


  • You will get the .zip file. Unzip this file. You will get the appium.exe file in unziped file.

  • Click Appium.exe file and Click on “Run”.

  • Now select your language and click on “OK”.

  • Continue to click on “Next” button, until you will get this screen.

Install appium


  • Click the check-box of “Create a desktop icon” , Click on OK button.

  • Now click on “Install” button. It will take some time.

  • Click the checkbox of “Launch Appium” and click on Finish.

  • Appium will open up, once the installation is finished with the below message.

Install Appium


Appium is Installed on your machine successfully. It is recommended to restart your machine now or make sure you restart your machine before the running the first test.

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