Advantage and Disadvantage of Automation Testing

Advantage of Automation Testing

Automated testing is a process of automating the Manual Testing process with testing tools or using any scripting language. To automate the testing, we have a solid understanding of existing functional process and it should be well documented. The main advantage of automation testing is to reduce cost, speed up the testing process, better performance and reduce or no human interaction.


Following test methods can be Automated

* Functional – testing the functionality of the business operations performs as expected.
* Regression – testing of a stable application.
* Exception or Negative – Error conditions in the system.
* Stress – determining the absolute capacities of the application and operational infrastructure.
* Performance – Determines the performance of the system is adequate for both batch runs and online transactions as per business projections and requirements.
* Load – determines the point in which capacity and performance of the system may degrade. It measures the situation that hardware or software up gradation requirement.


Areas of the Application  must be automated first for better benefits of automation

* Stable areas of an application.
* Highly redundant tasks or scenarios.
* Repetitive tasks which are very boring to test again by the manual tester.
* Time-consuming tasks and scenarios for faster completion.
* Well documented test cases.


How to Achieve Success in Automation

Following steps are very important to achieve success in automation

* Automation script should be as simple as possible.
* Test reports must its own results; human interpretation should not involve.
* Test can be repeated as many times as needed without human interaction.
* Test result should be stable and very meaningful. Test result should not affect by changes of external environment.
* Tests verify all the functional requirements of the application.
* Clear-Easy to understand each statement.
* Tests gives the affordable performance and executed fast.
* Test result should be reliable and acceptable.
* Recovery scenario of the test should be well defined. Any failure should point out the specific reason of the failure of the test.
* Test should be defined in a very simple manner, easily understood.
* Test should be Flexible to modify and value addition.


Disadvantages or Limitation of Automation Testing

* Skilled and Proficient resource is required to write the automate and debug test scripts.
* Maintenance of the test scripts may be very costly if automation scripts are not developed considering future modifications of the application. In this case, a minor change of the application may cost more for scripts maintenance.
* Automation is beneficial only for repeatability and reusable of test cases.
* If an application is not stable and mature , then automation may be very costly.

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