Defect Life Cycle

Defect or bug life cycle is a cycle which a defect goes through during its lifetime.

Defect life cycle starts when the defect is logged and ends when a defect is closed, after ensuring it’s no longer reproduced. Defect life cycle is a critical topic in software testing.


Defect life cycles Phases:

Defect Life Cycle


New :

When a defect is logged and posted for the first time in defect management tool. Its state is given as new.


Assigned :

After the test team has posted the bug, the test lead approves that the bug is genuine and he assigns the bug to the corresponding developer or the developer team. Now Bug state is given as assigned.


Open :

At this state, the developer has started analyzing the bug and start working on the defect fix.


Fixed :

When the developer makes necessary code changes and verifies the changes then he/she makes bug status as ‘Fixed’ and the bug is passed to testing team fro retesting.


Retest :

At this stage the tester does the retesting of the bug, to check whether the defect got fixed or not.


Verified :

After retesting, If tester finds the bug is not present in the software, he/she approves that the bug is fixed and changes the status to “verified”.


Reopen :

After retesting if a  tester finds that bug still exists in the application, then he/she changes the status to “reopened”. The bug goes through the life cycle once again.


Rejected :

If the developer feels that the bug is not genuine or out of scope from the current sprint then he/she rejects the bug. Then the state of the bug is changed to “rejected”.


Deferred :

The bug, changed to deferred state means the bug is expected to be fixed in next releases. The reasons for changing the bug to this state have many factors. Some of them are the priority of the bug may be low, lack of time for the release or the bug may not have the major effect on the software.


Closed :

Once the bug is fixed, Test lead verify the documents related to bug like attached required files, screenshots, release notes, code change notes. If all necessary documents are attached to bug then he changes the status of the bug to “closed”. This state means that the bug is fixed, tested and approved.


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