Copy File in another File in Java

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In the tutorials we will see, How can we copy file in another file in Java.

Although on google you may file many ways to copy the file in Java we will discuss only one and relevant way to copy the file in Java.

Java doesn’t come with any ready-made file copy function, you have to manually create the file copy process. To copy the file, just convert the file into a bytes stream with FileInputStream and write the bytes into another file with FileOutputStream.


How to Copy File in another File in Java

Let’s understand this with an easy example. In this tutorial, we will copy the existing file and create the new file and copy the file into the new file. Let’s see, How easy is this. We have already seen How to create file in Java

The above code will create the new file name targetFile and copy the text of SampleWriterFile into the target file.

This is the way how can we copy the file into another file.

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