Configure ADT Plugin in Eclipse

In the previous tutorial you have seen, how can you configure Android on Windows.


In this tutorial, You will see, how can you configure the Android with Eclipse.

We will use an ADT plug-in to open the Android on Eclipse. It will help you to make sure that your phone is getting detected by your machine.


This plug-in is officially removed by Google because Google is providing Andriod Studio for Android development So that there is no use of this Plugin anymore but we are not going to develop an Android app.


Install ADT Plugin

To configure the ADT plug-in with your Eclipse, you need to follow below-mentioned steps –


1. Open Eclipse on your machine.

2. Go to “Help” in the menu bar. Click on the option “Install new Software …

3. Now put the given URL in the type box “Work with”

4. Now press “Enter” key. You will get the new Option “Developer Tools” in the below present box.

5. Select the Checkbox of “Developer Tools”, Now Next button will be enabled, hit the Next Button.

Configure ADT Plugin


6. Now Eclipse will show you message to Review Items before Install.

7. Click on “Next” button. Accept the license Agreement and click on Finish button.

8. Eclipse will start Installation of the Plugin. It will take some time.

9. After Installation, Eclipse will ask you to Restart it. Press on OK button and refresh the Eclipse.

10. After restarting the Eclipse, Eclipse will open many Pop-up windows. Don’t do anything and cancel the all Pop-up windows.

11. Now click on “Windows” option present in the menu bar and click on the “Preferences” link.

12. Click on the Option “Andriod” present, below the General.

13. Enter your Android-SDK location in the SDK-Location field. (Andriod SDK. We have downloaded in the last tutorial)


14. Now click on Apply Button. You will get all Android Packages in on the Display, What you have downloaded and Installed on your PC.

Configure ADT Plugin in Eclipse


15. Now click on OK button.

16. You will get the new Option in the Right upper side called “Open Perspective”.

17. Click on this Button, You will get the new Option named “DDMS” in the list.

18. Click this DDMS icon.

Configure ADT Plugin


19. If you click on “OK” button. It will display all the Andriod Devices connected to your machine.


It may be a case, Your device is connected to your machine but it is not displaying here. These could be many reasons for this. One of the reason could be you need some more installation on your machine.


We will see, other installation in the Next Tutorial.


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