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Double Click Element using Selenium WebDriver

Let’s see, How can you double Click element using Selenium Webdriver. In this tutorial, we will explain how to work with Actions Class for double clicking an element by taking a simple example. We have already seen, we need to use Actions class in Selenium WebDriver to work on Mouse and Keyboard Actions.   The … Continue reading Double Click Element using Selenium WebDriver

Cross Browser Testing in Selenium

Cross Browser testing is the very important concept for Web Application Testing. In Cross browser testing we perform our Test Cases on Multiple Browser to ensure that Website behavior is same across all browser applications.   Now the question is how can we perform this in Automation Testing using Selenium API. We have already seen … Continue reading Cross Browser Testing in Selenium

Handle Random Popups in Selenium

In this tutorial, you will see how can you manage the unexpected or random popups in Selenium. Sometimes there may be scenarios, Once you click something it may open the new tab, new window or new popup window. Now the problem is, How can we handle such scenarios.   Handle Random PopUps in Selenium Here, … Continue reading Handle Random Popups in Selenium

JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium

Let’s see the JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium. JavaScriptExecutor is an interface which provides the mechanism to execute Javascript through selenium driver. It provides “execute script” & “executeAsyncScript” methods, to run JavaScript in the context of the currently selected frame or window.   JavaScriptExecutor enhances the browser performance. We use the JavaScriptExecutor to execute the within the browser. … Continue reading JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium

Handle Frames in Selenium

First, let’s understand What is Frame/iFrame? An iFrame is an HTML document embedded inside the current HTML document on a website. iFrame HTML element is used to insert content from another source, into a Web page. You can change an iFrame’s content without making them reload the web page. A web page can have multiple frames. In a … Continue reading Handle Frames in Selenium

Web Table in Selenium

Let’s see, How can you handle the Web Table in Selenium. First, let’s understand What is Web Table? Basically web table is an HTML Table. In this data display in the form of table with the help of <table> tag in conjunction with the <tr>and <td> tags. Here tag <tr> defines the row and tag <td> defines the column of the table.   Excel sheet is a simple example of table … Continue reading Web Table in Selenium

Mouse Hover in Selenium

This is widely known testing scenarios to perform mouse hover in Selenium. You can see many scenarios in our testing where you needed to perform mouse hover to see the calendar, email schedule etc.   To handle the mouse events and mouse hover using selenium WebDriver. We can use advanced user interactions API constructor “Actions” with “moveToElement” method. We will see, How … Continue reading Mouse Hover in Selenium