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Create Maven Project in Eclipse

In this tutorial, You will see, How can you create Maven Project in Eclipse. It’s very simple to create the Maven Project in eclipse, You need to follow the procedure to create the Maven project in Eclipse.   First, Eclipse should be already installed and configured on your machine. Java 6 or higher version should … Continue reading Create Maven Project in Eclipse

Create Java Project using Maven

In this tutorial, You will see, How can you create your first Java Project using Maven. Actually, Creating a Maven project means creating a POM file and the standard directory layout. To create the Java Project using maven.   Firstly maven Should be installed on your machine properly.(Install Maven on Windows Machine) Go to command … Continue reading Create Java Project using Maven

Maven Build Life Cycle

Let’s see, Maven Build Life Cycle. When you build the project using Maven then build follows a specified life cycle. It’s called Build Life Cycle. Maven comes with a default life cycle that includes the most common build phases.   Maven Build Life Cycle Maven has 3 built-in build life cycles – default clean site   … Continue reading Maven Build Life Cycle

Project Dependencies in Maven

Let’s learn about the Project Dependencies in Maven. Your project needs external Java API’s or Framework to compile and execute and these utilities are packaged in their own JAR files.   Project Dependencies in Maven Keeping your project up-to-date with the correct versions of these external JAR files can be a comprehensive task. Each external JAR may again … Continue reading Project Dependencies in Maven

Maven POM.XML File

Let’s see, the example of Maven POM.xml file. The configuration of a Maven project is done via a Project Object Model (POM).   The pom.xml file contains information of project and configuration information for the maven to build the project. This includes the directories where the source code, test source etc. is located in, what external dependencies (JAR … Continue reading Maven POM.XML File

Repositories of Maven

Maven repositories are directories of packaged JAR files with extra meta data like pom.xml .   POM files describing the projects each packaged JAR file belongs to, including what external dependencies each packaged JAR has. It is this metadata that enables Maven to download dependencies of your dependencies recursively until the whole tree of dependencies is … Continue reading Repositories of Maven

What is Maven

First, Let’s understand what is Maven? Apache Maven is an advanced build tool to support the developer at the whole development process of a software project. Maven is based on POM (project object model).   What is Maven? Maven is implemented in Java which makes it platform-independent. Maven allows you to automate the process of the creation of the … Continue reading What is Maven