Agile Testing – Comparison of Agile vs Waterfall

When is Agile Testing Approach followed?

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In case there is a situation in the project where there is a frequent change in the requirements from the client and it is difficult to accommodate them each time in your documentation as well as Test Assets, it is always advisable to follow the Agile Testing Approach which is often used when there is a dynamic change in the requirements from the client.


Comparison of Agile over Other methods :

Here is a limelight on the Agile advantages over other methods which are known to be traditional now considering the advantages that Agile methodology offers.


Development of an application in Agile is incremental rather than progressive or sequential as compared to other methods such as waterfall model which tends to have a phase wise development. This feature of Agile helps to have quick testing and results in small incremental releases and each of them is tested to the depth in order to meet the requirements and in case any requirement is to be introduced further, it is not a difficult task to do so in case of Agile as compared to waterfall where it will have to be traced down to the beginning of the phase to make the appropriate changes.


Rather than tools and technologies talking with each other, it is the individuals who communicate with each other more often in Agile Testing approach. In the case of the waterfall, Extreme Programming or V-model, it is the tools, processes, and technologies that often meet with each other and decide the relevant outcome. So Human communication lacks in other methods as compared to Agile method.


Working or rather testing the Application is always on the top priority for the projects following Agile Methodology as compared to other methods where documentation is given a more edge over other critical tasks.

The best part of the Agile over other methods is that it directly communicates with the user of the Application rather than having any intermediary party like a client. This enables them to quickly get the feedback from the customer and appropriately implement the change in the Application.


When any enhancement or change request comes in, it is directly taken into account to be implemented in the Application rather than deciding to go for a further planning and revisiting the budget and time constraints as use to happen in other methods.


Agile methodology if compared to other methods offers advantages which are helpful to save time and money for Testing Phase which are important elements of any project.


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